Saturday, November 1, 2008

i like anime very much.of course, its manga also.i bet that about more than half of the earth citizens love the cartoons that we called 'anime'.
the history of anime began in the 20th happens when the Japanese filmmakers experimented with the animation techniques from France, Russia and Germany.
famous anime such as astroboy,doraemon and dragonball were the pioneers of global class anime.and then,there comes anime such as naruto shippuden,bleach,yakitate japan,eyeshield 21 and digimon tamers as the new generation anime.
the way the anime characters react,act,talk,or etc have mesmerized us a lot.the storyline also were extremely good and could touched everyones' hearts.
i hope that our beloved country,Malaysia would someday have its own world standard anime that can be recognised all over the world.

good desicion-indeed

the deputy prime minister,Dato' Seri Najib said that the matriculation programme will be continued and it is indeed a good decision base from my opinion.
he said that since this kind of programme being implemented since 10 years ago,it had helped a lot SPM leavers as a platform to further their studies in tertiary education.
i also hoped that it will be continued because it had helped me a lot since i am one of matriculation leavers.

faster way to get obesity

people who gobble down their food and eat until they feel full are three times more likely to get fat compared with people who eat slowly and modestly. several Japanese researchers in a study suggested that the shifting patterns of behavior, driven by the addiction of fast food and cheap food, are widely to blame for the obesity pandemic.

Osaka University’s Hiroyasu Iso and colleagues recruited 3,287 people aged between 30 and 69 and asked them to closely track their eating habits and body mass index (BMI).

they founded that those who ate until full experienced twice the risk to gain obesity.

so in conclussion,try to reduce your amount of food intake in a day if you don't want to get obese.

the rpg game meister

if you have ever play the rpg game 'final fantasy' you must know the square-enix company right?!it is the Japanese game manufacturer that focuses mainly with the role-playing game type.they have published an array of formidable rpg game title such as final fantasy series,dragon quest series, and kingdom hearts series.all of them have their own respectable fans.
for me, i prefer more on final fantasy games.i choosed to be the fans of this series is because of its intriguing and matured and romance,friendship,faith,and determination all were completely blend in their series.the final fantasy's production team that comprises of Yoshinori Kitase,Akitoshi Kawazu,Hiromichi Tanaka,Nobuo Uematsu and many more will always make sure that every each of final fantasy episode can provide the fans what we call as the ultimate role-playing game series.tq

dream car of mine

have you ever dream about your 'dream car'? i bet that every each one of you have ever dream about dream car will always be from the BMW you know why??
but before that, let me tell you the history of this giant car manufacturer from the Germany.
actually, the founder of bmw is Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto.they were like the godfathers of was being found since the world war 1.

ok,a bit of old history.let's get back to my point.actually, the main reason why i love bmw cars the most are because of several reasons.firstly,the bmw cars have a very responsive control that comes from their solid feel yet lightweight will feel the sensation of safety,rigidity and total control behind their is the trademark for all the bmw cars.that's why the motto for bmw cars is ' the ultimate driving machine' that very suits fact, there's no other car manufacturer yet in this world that can match or be on par with bmw in terms of total wheels is a no lie statement because i've oftenly drive my father's bmw car.the car's responsiveness is 3 times better than my mom's kia.before i ended up my topic,i hope that i can someday owns my very own bmw.thank you!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


at last,i've created my own blog.i just felt kind of weird because i dont really care about things like blogging before!!but i 've tried to accomplished this duty.i think this is the perfect time to explore more about my new world called 'blogging'.